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About the Designer

30 Years of Perfecting Our Craft:

The Private Label by G Bridal Design House has had one goal since we opened our doors: To design & make high quality wedding dresses and offer them to brides at the best prices possible. The company owners followed their dreams, but only on the condition that they keep things simple: Always choosing the highest quality materials, working closely with their production teams to make high-value gowns, and steadily adjusting their dress patterns year after year to achieve the perfect fit. 

The Perfect Fit:

We hear the words "perfect fit" within the bridal industry a lot. But what does it really mean? For some bridal designers, it means depending on corset tiebacks, fitting brides with approximate sizing, and using corset laces to tighten the gown to the bride as if they were tying a show (just a much nicer, lacier shoe).

To us, having the perfect fit begins as soon as we start making the gown. While we do cut standard dress sizes, we always encourage stores to offer brides our unique custom measurement services. In that regard, we feel we're the best in the business. And for good reason, we've spent the last 30 years perfecting our dress patterns so that each style would be easily alterable during the production process, instead of relying on alterations after dress arrives. 

The Beauty is in the Details:

That quote is what's inspired us since day one; and that's what we continue to build our products on. The intricacy of our beading, how we utilize fabrics, even how our seams are sewn together to make your gown more comfortable. All these factors and more are what make our gowns truly stand out from the rest. We're definitely not saying though, that we're the only designer that creates high quality gowns. But we do feel like there is a difference between high value vs just high quality.

We actively encourage all our brides to visit one of our beloved retailers and compare our gowns to other manufacturers. We're sure you'll be able to see and feel the difference. 

We're a Family Business:

In a bridal industry filled with bank-run companies and corporate teams, we've stood firm as one of the last family-run businesses. Some may have us believe we need to change, but we've found that being family-owned & operated for the last 30 years has had its perks too. For one, we can take care of our customers better with our customer service and quality assurance. We double-check all our gowns before providing them to retailers, and every complaint we hear is handled case by case. Our brides and stores aren't just numbers. They're people, and we take care of them as if they were our own. 

These relationships are just what we've built our company on. Our relationships with vendors, stores, and our beautiful brides; and we believe it truly shows in every aspect of what we do. Something many may not kno: Our company was founded 30 years ago by a husband-wife team (who still love what they do and come to the office on a daily basis) and is now operated with the addition of their two hard-working sons.