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Can I buy my dress online?

Yes you can purchase online because we have some authorized retailers who offer such services. But of course, you always run that risk of ordering from a potential copy house and get a poor quality knock-off that will fall apart when you steam it. So when in doubt, please contact us directly and we’ll help to make sure you’re dealing with the right people.

Can I request a custom color for my wedding dress?

Custom colors depends on if we have those fabrics in stock. Obviously we will have lots of ivory, white and diamond white but if you’re asking for a turquoise blue, this will be a lot tougher to acquire and would make production too difficult. It never hurts to ask, but please keep in mind that if it’s a color we’d probably not have around, we most likely won’t be able to create it for you.

Where can I get more information about your company?

We constantly update our website with new content and we are very active on our Facebook page. But if there is anything you still have questions with, by all means email us directly and we’d be happy to assist in anyway possible.

What should I do if my bridal store is not being responsive regarding my order?

Please feel free to contact us directly at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we will follow up with whatever information we can provide without overstepping privacy and business agreements we have with our retailer partners. For example, basic information such as dress ordering times and estimated arrival times are common and acceptable.

Are accessories available? What kind of accessories do you carry?

We have a whole series of bridal accessories designed to complement our wedding dresses as well as allow our brides to add some personal touch. We design accessories such as floral and beaded sashes, beaded veils, long cathedral lace veils, crystal and jeweled head pieces and headbands, crystal jeweled shoulder sleeves and straps, crystal jeweled belts and sashes, with a lot more to come! Please take a closer look in our Bridal Accessories section to see all that we offer.

Can I make custom changes on my dress? Design my own gown?

Can I make custom changes on my dress? Design my own gown? For the Private Label By G collection we do offer custom changes, such as neckline changes, zipper to corset back changes, hollow to hem special measurements, and so forth. We unfortunately are not a custom dress maker, we manufacture and create gowns on a larger scale therefore we can make changes to existing dress patterns, but are unable to create an entirely unique design.

What if the dress I want can’t be found in bridal stores near me?

Any one of our authorized retailers can request a loaner sample of any of our gowns to be sent to them for a week so brides such as yourself can see them in person. If in doubt, please use our “Locate this Dress” feature from the dress gallery and it’ll lead you thru the steps towards getting a dress sample sent to a bridal retailer near you.

What is the difference between Ivory and White?

Ivory and White are very similar in color tones. The best way to describe it is to consider White color dresses as white as your normal office printer paper. It’s bright and certain fabrics will not look as elegant in the color due to the design elements such as silver embroidery or certain patterns of beading and crystals. We photograph our dresses almost always Ivory because it is a less intense shade that provides more details on the dresses.

How long will it take to get my dress?

From time of ordering, our bridal gowns take approximately 3-4 months to cut and deliver. Rush options are available to cut it down to 3 months but its always recommended to ensure a delivery date with more than a month from the actual event date. Custom changes to gowns are ineligible for rush delivery due to the extra work involved and may extend past normal delivery times if the custom changes are extensive.

What if I can't find my size?

Every one of our wedding gowns is special ordered. Meaning every dress is made to order based upon a pre-determined size chart. We cut our dresses from size 4 to 28 and we also allow for some of our more popular dress styles to be ordered special measurement. Also, when ordering if you’re worried about size, you can always request for a corset tie back for your dress, since it will allow for easier sizing rather than having to deal with heavy alteration costs.

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